Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ginny Maziarka Pretends She's Not Trying to Remove GLBTQ Material

Ginny Maziarka has a very short-term memory.

In one of her classic rambling posts today, she makes this odd remark (emphasis original):
Screaming that protecting kids from sexually explicit material is a gay and lesbian issue, and abusing gays and lesbians to get these materials into the hands of kids is downright deceitful.
Huh? I got to be honest with you folks, I have no idea what Ginny's talking about with regard to "abusing gays and lesbians". I'll just set that part aside as the random utterances of someone who is grasping for straws to make some kind of odd point that makes perfect sense in her head, but sounds like gibberish to anyone else.

(And forgive poor Ginny for leaving off the BTQ each time she states "gay and lesbian"....I'm sure a little part of her soul dies each time she even thinks the word "lesbian", let alone type it out).

But that first part -- "screaming that protecting kids from sexually explicit material is a gay and lesbian issue" -- that's kind of interesting. Ginny seems to be upset that members of the GLBTQ community are expressing interest in this firestorm she's created in little ol' West Bend. She seems to think that its wrong to make her dispute with the library a "gay and lesbian issue".

Hmm....right.....well, you see folks, it was Ginny who made this a "gay and lesbian issue". Perhaps all this time in the blogosphere has dulled her memory, but luckily Maria Hanrahan has provided us a nice timeline of Ginny's beef with the library.

If you look at Maria's summary of the original 2/12/09 complaint, Ginny doesn't mention "sexually explicit material" at all, and instead focuses her wrath on "propaganda" that "Encourages and normalizes illegal behaviors.” What material is deserving of such disdain? Ginny's letter of complaint seems quite clear: any book that has homosexuality in it, essentially the entire "Out of the Closet" category of books at the WB library. According to Maria's timeline, Ginny also asks that the entire "Out of the Closet" webpage be removed from the library's website (or password-protected to prevent access without parental permission). She also suggest a list of “ex-gay” books for inclusion in the library’s collection.

You see folks? Ginny made this a "gay and lesbian" issue from the very start. And now that someone probably advised her to change her tune and focus on "sexually explicit material" instead, she's whining because the GLBTQ community isn't buying her bullshit.

// Oh, by the way, remember how Ginny keeps repeating she doesn't want any books actually "banned"? Check out the timeline, cuz she asked for precisely that here: " We also told him that we are requesting a "ban" on the The Perks of a Wallflower book." (her emphasis, not mine)

And if you can sit through this video, at minute 23:38 Ginny repeats her desire to have books removed as the first solution, if only it weren't for the pesky ALA:
And, again, personally, if [the books] could be moved, I'd be great with that. But, the American Library Association has a lot more power than you or me. And since that's not really going to be a possible option, I guess then this [reclassification] is what we're going to have to ask.

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