Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kevin Scheunemann, Kewaskum Trustee, is Confused

Kevin Scheunemann, Kewaskum Trustee and International Dairy Queen Drive-thru Champion, is confused.

As you can read here, he supports efforts to censor, lable, and remove materials from the West Bend Library. He also thinks that people opposing this censorship attempt are part of a "PRO GAY LOBBY TRYING TO PROSELYTIZE CHILDREN!!!!!"

Yet, he says those who oppose removing gay-themed books from the Young Adult section of the library are "intolerant".

Huh? Does he even know the meaning of the word? He wants to restrict access to books in a public library, and he calls others "intolerant"?

Kevin doesn't appear to be a big fan of government, authority, or anyone telling him what to do. He seems to beat to his own drum, such as breaking the law by speeding, multiple times, and is a card-carrying member of Wisconsin's Libertarian Party.

Of course, his disdain for "the government walking on the average taxpayer" didn't stop him from taking advantage of Wisconsin's Chapter 128 rule allowing people to avoid bankruptcy by restructuring his debts. Yep, government sucks, unless they can help me get out from under my financial responsibilities.

Or, consider the fact he accepted over $7000 in government-collected taxpayer money to help him run for office.

Mr. Scheunemann is confused. He thinks people who oppose his intolerance of gay books are intolerant. He thinks government interference and tax subsidizes are bad, unless he needs money to run for office or government help to avoid his debts.

Thank God he can brag about being DQ Drive Thru champ!

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