Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ginny Maziarka: Proud Supporter of Gay Theater

Who knew?

West Bend's own Ginny Maziarka, the good Christian behind the movement to remove GLBTQ "reclassify" "sexually explicit" books at West Bend Library is a supporter of gay theater.

You see, Ginny was kind enough to promote the coming production of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" by area home school kids. She's quite enthusiastic in her support of the play.

And, I'm sure Ginny knows that Thornton Wilder was gay. Yep, the playwright of one of America's most beloved plays, performed in nearly every high school, was homosexual. Really.

And Ginny's right, everyone should "take the family." It is a beautiful play written by a beautiful person.

I'm thrilled that Ginny is supporting gay arts in our community. I just hope that she puts as much energy into this support as she has into getting GLBTQ books out of the reach of young adults.


  1. Whatever! Judgement again. MUST be perfect!! I know I'm sure not. How do you do it??

    Interesting too..the comments about Thornton Wilder. Seems as though his very brief encounter of his homo relationship wasn't positive for him. So-who knows if he even continued..or what piont he stopped and knew that being gay was against God's law? This is what I found on the website you quoted:
    Wilder and Steward were lovers for a brief period, but it was not a happy nor easy relationship. “If one accepts the essentials of Steward’s story....,” writes Gilbert A. Harrison, “the sexual act was so hurried and reticent, so barren of embrace, tenderness or passion that it might never have happened. Steward felt that for Thornton the act was literally ‘unspeakable’.” If Wilder ever experienced a deep and lasting relationship with another man, it has not been recorded.

    And..not to mention..this is straight from a gay/lesbian of course the few that he was gay may be slanted. Wonder where the source of all their info. is from.

    Either way, the play is NOT about homosexuality at all. It's about redeeming the time..for the days are evil! Not wasting your life..making each moment count. Which is one way that Ginny is helping our community! God Bless you. I'll be praying for you all.

  2. "his homo relationship"


    Relationships aren't easy for a lot of people "homo" or otherwise. It certainly isn't easy being gay in a world so filled with hatred. as for this quote;

    "the sexual act was so hurried and reticent, so barren of embrace, tenderness or passion that it might never have happened. Steward felt that for Thornton the act was literally ‘unspeakable’."

    That's a reality for many straight people too.

    Homo? Really? I thought that only middle school kids used that word.

  3. A cheerful heart is good I Praise God I was able to help you LOL today! :) I am not 'up' on homosexual lingo, of course, but I'm so glad it was entertaining to you. :)

    You're taking the quote out of context. We're not talking about *a* sexual act. They're referring to a homosexual act. And don't forget this portion of the quote:

    Steward felt that for Thornton the act was literally ‘unspeakable’."

    That says it all. And yet..I did not know Thornton personally of course, this tells us he was not thrilled at all w/ it..even his partner thinks this, according to the quote. When we're feeling ashamed of having to hide about something, we don't have a peace about it. When I lost my virginity at age 14 and then continued to be promiscous after that point until God brought me the gift of forgiveness and salvation through Jesus..I felt ashamed and not at peace. Many in a homosexual relationship feel this. They know it's not natural. It says it's sin in the Bible. That's not our judgement as's what God says. We have a void in our spirits and in our hearts that only God can fill.

    And again..the play is NOT about homosexuality at all. It depicts households w/ a man and wife married...under God w/ children and all that life entails. It speaks of eternity and how we should not waste the time that God has given us.

    So-yes..I too hope families are encouraged by this play! I wholeheartely agree. :) May God use this to show our community how beautiful life and marriage and purity can be!!

    God Bless you. Keep Smiling! :)

  4. Calling a gay person a homo is like calling a black person colored, it's ignorant. It has nothing to do with "homosexual lingo".

    I've met lots of women who were raised in very religious homes who viewed sex as unspeakable, and something that is shameful even with their husbands.

    "Many in a homosexual relationship feel this." ("ashamed and not at peace")

    How exactly do you know what homosexuals feel about their love lives? Making that sort of generalization is as absurd as saying that all married people are at peace with their love lives.

    And BTW, homosexual sex is still sex.

  5. Dear Greggswife:

    With all due respect, I hope one day the Good Lord opens your eyes and helps you realize you can create a login name of your own, and not be referred only in relation to your husband.

  6. First of all..I'm not ashamed of being my husband's wife. In fact I'm quite proud of it! God made me equal to my husband, but he is the leader of our home. I respect him and his position. He deserves that! Not all husbands get the respect that is due them. I am far from perfect as a wife, but that is what I'm called by God to do. What a priviledge! name is Stephanie if that makes you feel any better! :D
    Truely..I just wanted to think of something 'fun' for a login name..and that's what I came up with. I actually wondered if someone would have an 'issue' with it, after I created it. And you're the first! :)

    I have had many friends, including an uncle and a cousin by marriage who have or are living in the homosexual lifestyle and each one (and no, I'm not exaggerating) has confessed to feeling unsettled or not at peace w/ how they're living. That speaks volumes!!! I can't say I know any heterosexual couples that can say the same. They may have marriage troubles (such as sex or communicating)but they won't say they're not at peace w/ being married to the opposite sex. God says it in His Word! What more do we need than that. This is not MY personal rule. I love my uncle and cousin and my past friends-very much! I'm not judging them for the people they are. I love them w/ the love of Christ. They deserve the gift of peace and salvation and forgiveness just as I did and do! Though I am not homosexual, I'm not perfect, and need forgiveness and 'rules' and standards to live by-that's the Bible.

    I am not prejudice in the least bit. You're taking the word 'homo' that I used previously and making it more than it is. It's something to jump on, I guess-to detract from the orginal discussion.

    God Bless.

  7. Stephanie:

    Might your time be better spent picking up Greggs laundry or planning a healthful and inexpensive menu for your family rather than trolling blogs and attacking people in the name of Jesus? Really... He must be so embarrassed to have you representing (or should I say "misrepresenting")Him.

  8. Greggswife: "That speaks volumes!!!"

    Yeah, about those two people. Don't generalize to the rest of the population, pleez.

  9. Stephanie,

    People who are not happy or at peace with who they are usually aren’t very good at relationships. As Oprah, Dolly Parton, and RuPaul have often said, if you can’t love yourself, how are you going to love anyone else? (“Can I get an ‘amen’ up in here?”)

    Why weren’t these homosexuals happy or at peace with themselves? You think it’s because the Bible says it’s wrong. (Notice, I did not say God—the Bible isn’t God’s verbatim transcript). I assert that it’s because of the prejudices of other people against homosexuals. It’s not easy being branded “abnormal” when all you’re doing is being yourself. What could be more “normal” than that?

    Another reason Wilder and your relatives had unsatisfying relationships could be merely that their partners were unsatisfying, either emotionally or sexually. As if that NEVER happens with straight couples. Yet you say that straight people wouldn’t question their heterosexuality because of those problems. Maybe that’s because they don’t encounter any social resistance to being heterosexual!

    To get back to the point of this post, people like Ginny seem to see any written work by—and especially ABOUT—homosexuals as an attempt to “recruit” more to their ranks. As “Our Town” exemplifies, those claims / fears are baseless and absurd.

  10. I'm at peace being gay. I've never struggled with feeling that something about me is wrong or innapropriate. My only internal struggle was wether I was bisexual or lesbian. I am a happy person and I'm living a more healthy life than many heterosexuals.
    Lastly, Greggswife/Stephanie, I would ask you to never use the term "homo" to describe a homosexual person/relationship as I find it offensive. It also makes you sound like an ignorant middle schooler.

  11. "Don't generalize to the rest of the population, pleez." Let me begin with this statement first.

    As a lesbian, I must say that I am sorry that your representation of "our" community is such as what I read above. Really....your attack on Greggswife is, well, an embarrassment. There are ways to get one's point across without ridiculing, pointing out another's inferiority, and striking down a person's faith.

    As I read through sinnerviewer's and songbreese's comments, it is clear that they have not been able to maintain a respectful conversation here. Honestly..

    First, EL starts the ball rolling with a comment about the use of the word "homo." Quit being so ridiculous. Offensive? Same as saying "colored" for a black person? Where in the world did you dredge that one up? Or are you just in need of being in control of the commentary that you must dictate to others what to say and how to say it? EL's explanation should have been enough, but no.... Songbreese had to give another "dig" to feel good on the aforementioned comment.

    GW's explanation and questions she raises concerning the Wilder play were valid points that could have been discussed respectfully, could they not?

    Is GW's contentment with being heterosexually married a reason to scoff her? Cruelly attacking her name choice? Perhaps songbreese should consider her very last comment " sound like an ignorant middle schooler." and apply to self.

    I am trying to figure out why you all felt the need to taken down GW. I mean, she gave her commentary, but it was not mean, cruel, attacking or rude. Really, it wasn't. However, the retorts lent to her were scathing... It is people like you that make OUR community look like haters, bigots, unbalanced and sick.

    I am a healthcare professional and resent your remarks that take the homosexual community to your level. I do not share your thoughts, nor do I agree with your petty remarks and constant attacks on Ginny in West Bend. Do you honestly wait for each and every blog post she makes just to name call, bash and slander? Surely you MUST be able to better use of your time. You are a shame and embarrassment to our city. Stop it.

    After watching your posts both here, there, and other places, it is clear you do NOT represent me, my friends or my community.

    As songbreese felt to inclined to make her demand, I respectfully will make mine - I would ask you to never generalize your conversation about OUR community again as I find it offensive.

    With children in the public school district, and having read many, many of the books brought up by Ginny and her husband in WB, I agree with the reclassification of books with sexually explicit materials. My desires to protect my children are no different than any other parent's. I care just as much about the children in this community as the next person. If you can get off your proud gay rant box, maybe you can take a look at what is being proposed, think logically, and do the right thing.

  12. Angie-
    I thank you for your comments. I appreciate the fact that though you are gay yourself, you are respectful and kind in these matters. I'm sorry that I was offensive in a general sort of way. My point was to say that all-no exaggeration-the gay friends and family that I've encountered over the course of my lifetime have had little or no peace in their relationship with the same sex. This was not due to relationship problems..but to being gay themselves. I would say this is about 15 people total. That's a pretty big number in my mind for one person that isn't in the gay community herself. So-no while that isn't the general population it was 100% of those that I knew and talked about it w/ them.
    I do firmly believe that homosexuality is a sin in God's eyes, but I still love you as a person. I too am a sinner and have sins in my life (anger, bitterness, discontentment, gluttony to name a few I struggle with), and I pray for all that they may someday receive Christ's forgiveness and salvation. It truely is a freeing thing!

    I'm not wounded or hurt by any of the other comments. I find my value in Christ and I am NOT attacking in the name of Jesus. I do however pick up my husband's laundry and he mine on occasion :) and make healthy meals for my family! Those can and should be simple pleasures in our lives as wives. I admit I don't always enjoy these tasks..but it's what I'm called to do! :)

    But that is WAY off the subject!!!

    Anyway-ultimately the books in the library (isn't that what this whole topic is about anyway-LOL) should be properly labeled and put in an adult section! I'm praying that this decision truely happens. But-the Lord reigns no matter I'll put my trust and this issue in His hands.

    God Bless!
    Gregg's helpmeet :)