Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ginny Maziarka: Tag Spammer

Ginny Maziarka likes to write about a variety of things on her blog. Of course, we have her petition to remove GLBTQ "reclassify" "sexually explicit" books at West Bend Library, and related topics. But then she also shares things like "Loyalty Day" and the local production of "Our Town", as well as some kind of commentary about having kids sing in political ads, and even complaints about whether the President is holding a public prayer session in the White House.

Fine. Whatever.

But WTF with Ginny tagging each and every post on her blog (since April 23) with these tags: ala american library association west bend wisconsin maziarka tyree gay lesbian sexually explicit sex books office intellectual freedom safelibraries.

Whether the post is about her library vendetta, Prayer Day, Loyalty Day, or a local play, these are the tags she uses.

This, my friends, is called tag spam: using non-related keywords as tags for content to mislead and attract viewers. You see, every time Ginny tags a post with these words, it increases the chance someone will find her blog when they search for these terms.

This is probably a tactic she learned from during her training with the American Majority, and offshoot of the Sam Adams Alliance, who is dedicated to "training, inspiring, and empowering people to utilize new media tools (blogging, twitter, wikis) to advance economic freedom and individual liberty." (Of course, Ginny's version of individual liberty seems to include having a couple of Christians dictate what books are available to whom in the public library).

And for all the times Ginny likes to repeat that her agenda "is not about gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgenders at ALL!", just remember that she's wrapping each one of her blog posts in a "gay" and "lesbian" ribbon.

// Looks like Ginny is learning. Her latest post about some ACORN protest doesn't have any tags at all. Go figure.


  1. Did you check out any of the Twitter update?

    Being bombarded with taxpayers who are ready to come and fight against gay/porn for youth in our library tonite.8:53 AM Mar 3rd from web

    Networked with many today. All on board regarding local library issue. Homosexual books for teens on shelves. Lots of reinforcements.2:52 PM Mar 1st from web

    Meeting with library director tonight to discuss homosexual books for little kids in our library. Step 2 in complaint process.5:38 PM Feb 25th from web

    Venting my frustrations about homosexual books offered for our kids in our local library.8:26 PM Feb 24th from web

    Sean Penn must be proud of his win so he could advocate for gay marriage. ICK. Shut the TV off after THAT one.8:12 AM Feb 23rd from web

    Remember people she has nothing against teh gay. Nope, not at all.

  2. INdeed. Its a good thing Dan Kleinman came around to tell Ginny to change her formal complaint from "homosexual books" to "sexually explicit" books.

    I wonder when Ginny will tire of being his puppet.

  3. This has ALWAYS been about the homosexual agenda for Maziarka - from protesting the Day of Silence at the high schools, to the districts revamping of the harassment policy, to her rant about district staff, to the library. She CANNOT deny that it isn't because she's left paper trails, media bites, and her blog. Hypocrisy is alive and well on Starlite Drive.

  4. Concerned West Bend Citizen, she's not my "puppet." Why do you attack people instead of addressing issues? What do you gain by making that same particular false statement repeatedly?

    Now on to the issue at hand. Ginny is obviously a newbie when it comes to tagging blog posts. Why are you attacking her for that? People make mistakes. People are new to things. Making fun of her for messing up with the tags just makes you look nasty and mean.

    It would be nice to have a conversation based on the facts and the issues without your resorting to ad hominem argument.

  5. Some people don't get it, and never will because they DON'T want to open their minds. This is a crusade against homosexuality and Ginny has proven that time and time again. Her blog tagging is just another piece of evidence.

  6. SafeLibraries:

    What "particular false statement" am I supposedly repeating?

    Where am I attacking Ginny? Typing in multiple tags is not a newbie error. She hadn't used tags, then she started using them on every post. That's not a noob issue.

    And where am I making fun of her? I'm taking this seriously, and accusing her of deliberately using tags to manipulate search results. There's nothing funny about it.

    And once you decided to "have a conversation based on the facts", I'll look forward to you retracting nearly everything you say on your blog.