Saturday, July 4, 2009

*GASP* Local Librarians to Attend Librarian Conference!!!

Some people will complain about anything they can get their dirty hands onto.

The Daily News reports that some of our librarians, members of the West Bend board, and citizen advocates will be attending the annual conference of the American Library Association in Chicago next week.

For shame! Going to a professional conference related to one's profession to discuss one's professional duties.

They will be talking about their experiences with the WISSUP and CCLU nonsense, and even will have (hold your breath) PowerPoint slides as visual aids!

How dare they use 45 minutes of taxpayer dollars to make a PowerPoint presentation to discuss the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars that have been spent dealing with these complaints.

I honestly don't know how these librarians can sleep at night....

// UPDATE -- Ginny asked to be invited to the panel discussion, but was refused since "The panel is not a debate on the merits of West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries' challenge, or an opportunity for advocacy, but instead a discussion about policy development and management of challenges."

That is reasonable, although I agree with others who feel that Maria Hanrahan's presence on the panel makes little sense in this context either.

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  1. Oh gosh for shame.... I have been trying to get Ginny to answer for some of her comments and yet she refuses. Like I expected anything diff.