Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome, Censorship-Free Libraries Blog (and Goodbye Ginny?)

I'd like to welcome the excellent Censorship-Free Libraries blog to the online discourse regarding the West Bend Library fiasco. The blog is very intelligently-written, and a welcome addition to the blogosphere. I have no idea who is behind it, but I hope s/he keeps it up!

On a side note, it seems Ginny Maziarka might be growing weary of her leadership role in pressuring the library to abide by community her standards regarding appropriate books to shelve within their walls. Various people who support her ideas have asked her (via blog comments) to please find someone else who can more intelligently (ie, with correct grammar, netiquitte, and a familiarity with rational discourse) be the mouthpiece for their movement.

Ginny seems to agree, commenting here that "I wish someone else more skilled than myself would take this over, too." Any takers?

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