Monday, July 27, 2009


I appears that Ginny Maziarka saw a few too many people in skimpy bikinis during her recent trip to Florida, cuz she's returned to West Bend with a big case of prudism.

Today's target? The fact that the West Bend Library's webpage for adult readers includes a link to the popular BookSlut review site.

Ginny first attacks the site's logo for depicting **GASP** "a naked women lying on top of a book. You get the idea." Look at the logo, folks. It is a simple, tasteful, and non-explicit line drawing. It is attractive, pleasant, and not at all controversial. You get the idea.

Then, Ginny seems to take issue with the fact that BookSlut's creator, Jessa Crispin, doesn't have a publishing background, that she made the site during down time at her (apparently boring) job, and that she pays reviewers with books. Shameful, I know.

Perhaps Ginny is just taken aback by any mention of the word "slut". Whatevs. I think I'll donate a copy of The Ethical Slut to the WB Library in Ginny's name, and perhaps we can work on that prudish sensitivity of hers.

(more good commentary at the Censorship-Free Libraries blog)

// Oh, BTW, Ginny is still at it with her misleading tagging of posts. For some reason only known and understandable within the depths of her cranium, Ginny singled out UW-Milwaukee's School of Information Studies regarding the existence of this weblink, and tagged her post accordingly.

And last week, her 6-month late post about an FBI indictment against a WB man on child porn charges, which had nothing whatsoever to do with a library, was egregiously mis-tagged with "ALA", "AmericanLibraryAssociation" and "WestBendLibrary"

Keep it up, grrl!


  1. BlogSlut! Okay, that's funny. ;-)

  2. Speaking of tag spamming, what is Ginny accomplishing by running all the key words together? For example, if you Google "Mary Reilly-Kliss", you get all kinds of results - on the first page, there is only one WISSUP hit, and that is because she was mentioned in the text content of the post, not the tags.

    Looking at today's latest edition of Ginny's fresh stinking pile of bullcrap (or we could say GinnyShit) re: Fireside Books, the only way to pull it up by using the tag is to use the whole tag: "ala american library association west bend wisconsin maziarka tyree gay lesbian sexually explicit sex books office intellectual freedom safelibraries"

  3. luv it.

    we should all make our own photos and captions of Gizzy: