Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Speaking of Talking Trash...

Ginny Maziarka is at it again.

Remember her various personal attacks and ad hominems? She struck gold again today.

Lately, we've witnessed a variety of rants about the fact that local librarians and related personnel have the audacity to attend the national ALA meeting to discuss the book challenges that have rocked the 'brary.

After reading today's newspaper article about an ALA panel discussion about the local controversy, Ginny posted an implication that "trash talking" occurred at the event in a manner disparaging of West Bend. Based on the article, the only criticisms levied appeared to be against the media and the blogs for their skewed/incorrect coverage of the controversy. While the librarians noted their frustration over the entire episode, there was no "trash talking" about specific people, the community, or anyone.

Maybe Ginny has a different concept of what "trash talking" is, but it seems the opening line of her very post provides us the best example. While referring to Maria Hanrahan's counter-movement, the West Bend Parents For Free Speech, Ginny makes this disparaging remark:
In a prior blog comment, Maria Hanrahan (WBPFFS), West Bend Parents for Free Sex, um, I mean Free Speech (ooops, sorry 'bout that) stated about the ALA Conference
Talk about trashy...

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  1. A few words here, not on Wissup, because I think Ginny M is much like Ann Coulter, much too many people read her junk.

    Free sex, she says. I love the way she flashes these no-no words. Since most husbands don't pay their wives, nor vice-versa, most of us were conceived during free sex...

    I wish she would shake her red letters (Scarlet Letters!) addiction. Makes it look like she chose the wrong "skin" for her blog, you know, the "acid trip" one that is someway always available.

    Ginny M should write less and read more. Her latest post starts with "Well well well, deju vu". It's not deju vu, it's deja vu (plus accents, but that is not always possible on blogs, like here.)

    Back to the main point, which is this: in times of adverse economic conditions, global pollution, and world hunger and suffering, spending precious time on the would-be pornographic character of a few books is a very poor idea.