Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Resources about the Library Controversy (at the Library!)

To help keep abreast (ahem) of the library controversy, the West Bend Memorial Library created a couple of helpful webpages:

  • Resources page that includes links to related professional and civil liberties organizations, related websites and blogs (of all perspectives), and video clips from the June 2nd, 2009 Library Board Meeting.
  • Publications page that provides PDFs and links to nearly every mention of the controversy (be they articles, opeds, or letters) in both local & national papers and news channels.
Thank you, library, for providing access to information without prejudice.

(You can see my earlier post with additional links here)


  1. This is fantastic. I am really glad that the library decided to make this available to everyone. Thank you for posting it. Keep up the good work-

  2. Thanks for posting these links. They'll be quite useful.

  3. I was just on the library site and I can't find the resources or publications page. Can you tell me what section it is listed under? Thanks!