Wednesday, July 22, 2009


At first, Ginny Maziarka's crusade was local. Then it hit the blogosphere, including Gawker. Now, a few weeks after appearing at ABC, we have coverage by

The story does a pretty good job covering all the twists and turns, and concludes with Ginny's famous "it's common sense" logical fallacy.

I'm still waiting for the Letterman joke, or a skit on SNL....

//update -- Seems the CNN story has created a flurry of activity at WISSUP, and many of the comments are less-than-friendly regarding Ginny's intelligence and appearance.

While Ginny has done her own share of insult-throwing in the past, and I, like many of the commenters, find Ginny grossly ignorant of many fundamental issues at stake, I don't feel calling her "fat" or a "miserable old cow", is helpful discourse....


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  2. And now they get to hear about Mark Belling suing the city over this issue. Nice job WBCFSL.

  3. Hi there. I'd like to make a friendly suggestion to remove Mr. D's e-mail address from the above comment. I know that blogger doesn't allow the admin to edit comments -- maybe you can ask the submitter to resubmit, or edit it and repost on the commentor's behalf? I'd also suggest removing Mr. D's full name, unless he gave permission for the correspondence to be posted publicly.

    Just some netiquette thoughts. Otherwise, I'm greatly enjoying your blog!

  4. Given Kiapita's sound advice, and the fact I can't figure out how to edit comments in Blogger, I have deleted the comment originally left by Mike on July 24, 2009 1:39 PM, and pasted it below in its entirely, only redacting the e-mail addresses to preserve some privacy of the individuals.

    The following e-mail was received by Craig Farrell of the West Bend Chamber of Commerce:

    From: Neil David [redacted]
    Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 1:51 PM
    Subject: To: West Bend Chamber of Commerce

    We are about to move to Wisconsin due to a relocation, and were looking at West Bend as a possible home. Ironically, I saw the story about you banning books from the public library. I am so thankful to have seen this before we made our decision, as I would never choose a city that banned books as the home to our children. Instead, I will be choosing a city that as graduated from the dark ages as our new home.

    Neil David
    [email redacted]
    Twitter = [redacted]

    I do not know the validity of the persons statement and make no claims about it. The following is Craigs response:

    From: Craig Farrell [redacted]
    Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2009 1:37 PM
    To: [redacted]
    Subject: FW: West Bend Chamber of Commerce

    Dear Mr. David,

    Thank you for your note and comments. One of the great freedoms that all Americans enjoy is the freedom to voice their opinions on things that effect their community, state and country. Needless to say, there are many diverse views that may not be the same as those held by you or me, but those folks still have the right to speak out and lobby for change.

    That is what happened here in West Bend; a group of concerned parents petitioned the library to move certain books from the young adult reading section to the adult reading section. This request became a lightening rod that drew considerable debate and the mobilization of groups on both sides of the issue. It also attracted the attention of groups around the country that had philosophical agendas, both pro and con. It would be fair to say that the national media attention polarized the debate and did little to bring an amicable resolution to the matter.

    In the end the West Bend Library Board held a public meeting and listened to the views of many members of our community. After deliberation they unanimously decided to keep the books right were they were. There were no books banned or burned, things were left exactly as they had been all along.

    Mr. David, West Bend is a charming community with an exceptional quality of life. While our citizens may not always agree, they do have the opportunity to speak up for things that they care about. Based on your note, I suspect that you would find our city a great place to have your opinion heard. I do hope you and your family will reconsider relocating here.


    Craig P. Farrell

    Executive Director

    West Bend Area Chamber of Commerce