Sunday, June 7, 2009

I hope Ginny has a good lawyer

The way Ginny Maziarka keeps shooting her mouth off, I hope she has a good lawyer.

I also hope she knows the meaning of defamation, especially the particular part of U.S. defamation law of defamation per se, where damages are presumed and do not have to be proven. In my estimation, Ginny has made numerous accusations that fall under "Allegations or imputations injurious to another in their trade, business, or profession" as well as "Allegations or imputations of moral turpitude".

Think back to when Ginny defamed Professor Mark Peterson, describing him as having a vendetta and "scrafic[ing] the innocent minds of children to further his own agenda."

Just a few days ago Ginny defamed Kristina Smithers, calling her "maniacal", suggesting she has escaped her "caretakers", and making other allusions to mental illness. [[ Update: Ginny again suggested Kristina needs medication in comment #22 here]]

Then, today, Ginny defames Paul & Hjordy Wagner, the authors of Ready or Not...They're Gay: Stories from a Midwestern Family, a book they wrote about raising two gay sons. Ginny accuses these parents of being little more than "pawns" in some larger conspiracy to "deceive the West Bend citizens." She also labels them as being gay ("Gay Authors..."), when they're not; they just happen to be parents of gay kids.

In each case, people's reputations are being defamed in such a way as to affect their trade, business, or profession (could the university retaliate against the professor? might Ms. Smithers' employer react to notions of her being maniacal? could the Wagner's lose future publishing contracts due to being cast in this light?)

Ginny, please think next time before you click the "Publish Post" button.

// I think we could also add the following to Ginny's legal worries:


  1. I don't know if my first comment went through.
    I said I will comment on this when the time is rightfully suited.

  2. Kristina,
    Thanks for putting up with all of this and still advocating on behalf of the children and the library. I can tell you, between all of this and Maria continuously being called a liar, my brain is about to explode. It is a sign that the people who make such rude comments are losing the argument and have nothing left to do but call people names. It's like dealing with my 6 year old when he has a tantrum. Hang in there. BTW- I think you said it was your Great Aunt and Uncle who made the donation to the library? What a tremendous legacy they left your village. I'm wondering what they would think of all this now. Have a good day-

  3. It is a bit like wing walking sometimes.
    However need to clarify something. The ethics complaint while happening at the same time is not because he voted to not re-appoint the library board members. It is because of comments he made during and after the meeting.