Sunday, June 7, 2009

If Ginny Would Only Follow her Own Logic

Here, Ginny Maziarka complains about how Fireside Books has invited a couple who wrote a book about raising gay sons to come and speak at their store. There are a variety of problems with Ginny's post (shocking, I know), and much is discussed in the comment thread there.

Most notably, Ginny cut/pasted the announcement from another website, and included the tagline "POSTED BY gsaxpres" within her post. This gave the impression that gsaxpres actually wrote and posted that entry on Ginny's blog. Of course, she didn't.

So, during the discussion of this faux pas on Ginny's blog, Ginny took exception to the fact she should try to follow general blog netiquette, stating (emphasis added):
Blog etiquette is not mandatory. I choose to have the freedom to write my blog as I like, despite your dismay over my choice of style. I enjoy writing as I please and am not bound by any particular lines that others may draw.
I tend to agree with Ginny that one shouldn't be "bound by any particular lines that others may draw."

I just wish Ginny would apply that same logic when she attempts to bind the West Bend Library by the lines she draws.

(And by the way, Ginny has completely ignored my other requests for clarification in her blog post, such as how Fireside's invitation to these authors is an attempt to "deceive the West Bend citizens". Whatever.)


  1. There is so much uncredited copying and pasting, quotes out of context, blatantly inaccurate quotes, not to mention lack of logic, that no reasonable person would take anything she writes seriously.

    I just think that it's interesting that a self professed Christian is willing to steal other people's intellectual property. I also think that it's a bit hypocritical to misrepresent people by misquoting them or attributing to them things that they never said. Isn't that breaking two of the commandments?

  2. Thank you for discussing this. I sent several posts to Ginny about it, but she published one. I sent a response, but it wasn't published.
    Another note- someone posted over on "Boots and Sabers" as Marie Hanrahan. Maria addressed it, but it's a snarky move. I made a comment about it on the West Bend Parents site- so I won't take up space with it here. Have a good day-

  3. She picks and chooses when publishing my comments as well. I think that it just speaks to her insecurity.

  4. yeah, our little back-and-forth on the whole copying-my-post thing was the first time she's approved any comment I've made in a long while.