Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's 1:00pm. Do You Know Where Your Book Burners Are?


It is currently 1:09pm, and I'm missing the CCLU's prayer vigil over at city hall.

It must be my fault, since the insanely media savvy Christian Civil Liberties Union (are they getting a website anytime soon?) faxed a notice about the vigil to the Daily News this morning. I mean, we all know that the best way to promote an event is to fax a notice to the local newspaper mere hours before it happens.

I bet they have over 1,100 people there right now.

All is not lost, since the CCLU's fax also teases us with a later event where they plan to burn "the Baby Be-Bop book." Sweet. I hope I get on their fax machine rolodex, cuz I have a bottle of lighter fluid and a copy of the JC Penny catalog ready to burn (those pages selling maternity bras are morally reprehensible, BTW).

The ominous fax also mention a forthcoming federal lawsuit, which should be a gem.

[PS: You'll love the Street View image of the CCLU's address: 2634 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee, WI 53205.]


  1. Sounds more like they had three people there. Did you notice Robert Braun can't spell Mayer, er, Mayor?
    I wonder if the Daily News, after granting the phantom CCLU as good a "plug" as mentioning their phone number, address and quest for funds on page one, would care to publish the street view of CCLU Central in the same place...

    There is no need for a CCLU. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) defends the liberties of all, including Christians. What these few want is to abridge the liberties of others.

  2. Gotta love the part about the "Mayer" being personally responsible for the book being at the library. Wonder how much of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's workday is devoted to personally selecting books for the city library system. Wonder if Mayor Barrett also takes time to get to all the branches to personally reshelve the books too.

    Also, what's the deal with non-residents getting library cards? So, this guy can check out the book, not return it, and it's not as if it is going to be worth anyone's while to chase him down in Milwaukee. Of course, with a warrant out for that, I suppose he would then have to keep his ass out of West Bend, which would be well worth the cost of the book.

    I like Library Director's comments that if the "Be-Bop" books disappear, he'll just keep ordering more. Next time this el-douche-bag comes to West Bend, we all should have a ready supply of these books to hand out for free. Or better yet, if that address can be confirmed, order a boat-load of them and have them drop shipped to that location. Wonder if we could get a quantity discount on that title?

  3. The following is a comment left on Boots and Sabers. It is Ginny's response to the question "are these books in the schools?"
    It is very clear the next move she is preparing to make. Just an FYI...
    [quote]"YES, Smeety. They sure are. Lots of ‘em. The school board is so afraid that they began trying to figure out how to build a case against WBCFSL when we come their way. My ORR shows them frantically putting out the APB to other WI public school librarians to compile lists and compare. Essentially, they did all the work for us. I have the lists. This is factual. They even asked the Milwaukee Public Schools how they deal with these issues. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! AS IF. Sure hope they don’t think that just because other public schools have ‘em, we have to have ‘em, too. Our schools, our kids, our tax money, our choice. This whole thing of having other people sneak low-class, offensive, sexually-explicit and sex-based materials into our libraries, both city and public school, is quite disturbing. The citizens are becoming more and more educated and fired up about this issue as they realize how they are being duped. "

    Posted by GAMazy on July 06, 2009 at 1539 hrs