Sunday, June 14, 2009



  1. Who is this guy? He probably thinks he IS Moses. All he seems to know is that his God is about to come kick our @$$es. Anyway, if he wants to go wet his pants looking at the Cabrini ten commandments, he's free to do that.

    The fact is that, although he is a citizen too, he is not a representative one. When we were at the library signing Maria Hanrahan's petition, I heard people - humble-looking enough - defend their right to information in words good enough for any TV debate.

    They keep telling us that West Bend is all like that. It isn't.

  2. First of all, Bob Fish is probaly rolling over in his grave at the thought of this moron wearing that hat. Second, If Ginny wants to be taken seriously shouldn't she learn to say the word Lirary? Not libary. What ever. The great thing about people like Ginny is that even though they cause a ruckus, in the end they embarass themselves and ruin their cause.

    Keep up th good work here at SIWB

  3. Okay now I look like a moron for spelling errors.


  4. You're forgetting the best thing about this guy. He was carrying a sign that read "pick up stones 4 morality + rightousness (sic)". I guess that means that the WBCFSL supporters should have stoned the rest of us to death.