Friday, June 19, 2009

Again with the deception and subterfuge, Ginny?

Ginny Maziarka is at it again, using heated and exaggerated rhetoric to try to rile up a controversy, and then quietly retreating with the [delete] key when caught.

This morning she posts her reflections on this Boots & Sabers post about the library board seeking an outside legal opinion. Her title is "Mayoral recall suggested over (mis)handling of City Council/Library Board", and her original leading sentence is "Seems the gang over at Boots and Sabers is on board for a mayoral recall" (emphasis added).

Problem is, no one over at B&S has called for a recall, not Owen (comment #10), not a "gang".

So, Ginny was called out on that by Maria Hanrahan (comment #8), and, in typical fashion, Ginny changed her text to indicate (still incorrectly) that "some" are calling for a mayoral recall, not a "gang."

Here you can see the original wording captured in Google's snippet from a search result:

And here again when the original post was reblogged at RightyBlogs:

Ginny, you really should place a note in your blog posts when you make substantive changes to them, especially in response to public criticism. You can't hide from Google's cache, and your actions are deceptive and undermine your credibility.