Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New WB Library Board is Less Qualified

Last night the West Bend City Council voted in 4 new, and largely inexperienced, library board members, thus continuing their irresponsible oversight of this important community institution.

Rather than having a retired University of Wisconsin-Washington County librarian and a 24-year member of the city Library Board, an attorney who served for two decades, or a retired middle school and high school reading and language arts teacher on the board, West Bend will now be served by a collection of citizens that, as Alderman Schlotfeldt puts it, have "a more diverse background" and lack degrees in education.

Is the absence of a degree in education supposed to be seen as a positive?

Included in the new batch are Jim Fowler, who works in health care and apparently is Roman Catholic (not sure how Ginny will feel about that!). Also joining the board is Judy Schaar, who works at St. Joseph's Hospital (as does Ginny!).

Alderman Richard Lindbeck agreed to replace Alderman Nick Dobberstein as the city council's representative. Hopefully Lindbeck will spend more of his time actually in West Bend so he doesn't have to abstain from controversial votes like in the past.

A couple of the alderman complained that the candidates weren't present for questioning or that they didn't have any background materials. That's a reasonable complaint, but lack of personal contact that didn't stop them from refusing to reappoint the sitting members. The council didn't ask for the outgoing board members to come in and explain their actions. They just declared that the board members' "ideology" wasn't in line with the community. How they came to that conclusion without actually talking with the board members remains a mystery. It if is so important to talk with the nominees prior to appointment, they simply should have delayed the vote until that could happen.

End result? West Bend has a new library board with less experience and qualifications. All good people, I'm sure, but it is hard to see how the community will be better served with this change. Time will tell..........

// Folks leaving comments seem to agree that the new members are solid people that should do a good job on the library board. Good to hear.....


  1. Fowler will be a very good addition - perhaps not as experienced as some of the former board members, but he won't buy the argument of WBCSL or it's allies. Don't know any of the others, but this particular person will do the job he needs to do.

  2. I was also perplexed by the implication that a background in education is a bad thing. I guess when you view knowledge as evil, you also view those who advocate knowledge as evil as well.

    I think that many of the alderman were simply too lazy to bother contacting the Library Board when this issue first reared its ugly head. As alderman Kist noted at the CC meeting, he was the only alderman present at the last Library Board meeting (other than Dobberstein who was on the Library Board).

    It sounds like the alderman (I have 3 in mind, can you guess which ones) don't care about the proper procedures that must be followed, aren't interested in laws and legal precedents, or even want to be bothered with finding out the truth about this matter.

  3. First off, let's be a little respectful towards the new members - the idiots on the Council treated the former members like manure, making judgments without seeking any information or giving them an opportunity to explain themselves. That in itself is sending a message - you can tell that certain alderman don't want these boards being staffed with people who exceed their own personal intellectual capabilities. One of them "lurks" over at Boots & Sabers (I guess he isn't smart enough to log out first) to get his marching orders. Point is, I hope the smarter members of our community will not "prejudge" these new members.

    What I find interesting about the appointment of Jim Fowler, is that I am sure that Ginny's gigantic humongous large granny panties are going to get all in a twist when she revisits her attacks on St. Francis Cabrini church for hosting a Common Ground meeting:


    "West Bend's latest effort by a local group that is gathering for "Common Ground Listening Sessions" is an attempt to work itself through the methods noted by Alinski in his "Rules for Radicals' book."


    "FYI: It's happening right HERE, in West Bend."

    I noticed that Mr. Fowler appeared at a school board meeting (as did Ginny) on 10/27/08 re: harassment policy. I wonder if he was on the same side as Ginny or ?

    I'm sure as we speak, Ginny needs to investigate whether or not Mr. Fowler attended a Common Ground meeting at Cabrini church. Man, that would be good for a whole bunch of posts at WISSUP.

  4. "One of them "lurks" over at Boots & Sabers (I guess he isn't smart enough to log out first) to get his marching orders."

    Defend that.

    Alderman Turner has commented occasionally, but does so under his own name. That's not lurking. Which Alderman is lurking? And on what basis do you you opine that they are receiving "marching orders?"

  5. Just an FYI, Judy Schaar *used* to work at St. Joe's. She left that place before they decided to move the hospital out of town.

    I can assure everyone that she is one of the most open minded, brightest people I've ever known. I know she'll strive to do what's best for the library.

  6. I also am pleased about the appointments. Don't know any of them but have heard good things. I certainly don't think a degree in education or background in library science is necessary; it would certainly help with understanding library regulations, etc., but it sounds like these people will do great. I wish them the best as they join the board and thank them for stepping forward to serve their community.

  7. My bad, re: "marching orders" - guess I should have said he's there looking for his "inner parrot"

    Lurking is when these issues are being discussed & he's signed in and not saying anything. Makes me conclude that Boots & Sabers is a tool of the Turner regime.