Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ginny Maziarka: "Intellectual freedom for minors is DANGEROUS"

According to Ginny Maziarka, "Intellectual freedom for minors is DANGEROUS".

I just don't know what to say to that. Unbelievable.


  1. its dangerous because they might read about some gays and then BECOME GAY!! (you know, cuz all those books talk about how easy it is to just be gay...) or they might read about sex and then ask their parents about it. THE HORROR!!! we can't have kids just reading young adult books and then willy-nilly asking the 'rents about 'em!

  2. Thank you, Sleepless in WB, whoever you are, for your tireless loyalty to REAL FREEDOM!!! Keep posting!

  3. Please be honest. Ginny clarified her position after I too thought the statement "missed the point" and so stated.

    Here's her clarification:

    "Intellecual freedom in the warped sense of giving children access to materials that teach, and even promote, bl*w j*bs, hand j*bs, three-way s*x, the joy of 'swallowing' and s*x toys usage in a crude/raunchy manner, nonetheless, is not intellectual, and it is not freedom. It is dangerous, like I said."

    That makes a big difference, does it not?

  4. Intellectual freedom includes freedom to access materials you disagree with or disapprove of (yes, even those with bl*w j*bs in them--or worse, actual blow jobs). If you don't want your children to access those materials, you are responsible for keeping them from doing so. The courts, and the libraries, are not.

  5. Ginny can't even bring herself to type the word "sex"?

  6. Yeah, but she was happy to spell it out when she disparaged Maria Hanrahan's organization as "West Bend Parents for Free Sex".

  7. That's really her problem then, isn't it. Fear of sex. She (and people like her) are so afraid of everything. Why is she afraid of homosexuals? People who spend their lives living in their own white, suburban world love dealing with issues in the abstract. She can hate gays because she doesn't know any or have to interact with any. I guarantee if she spent a week with me in Brooklyn she would realize her fear is just silly. Gays aren't trying to sodomize your kids. Blacks don't want to kill you. Jews don't run everything and steal your money. There is no "culture war" and there were no "good old days".

    Dan B from Brooklyn

  8. I fear marrying my third husband and living in a world of denial, intolerance, and hate... wait, there I go talking ABOUT Ginny again. Bet she doesn't bring up her personal life too often.

  9. so, if Ginny's against promoting "s*x toys usage in a crude/raunchy manner", does that mean she's fine with their usage in a more gentle/sofcore manner?

    She's too funny. I hope all those ki**ing vampires in Twilight are next on her list.

  10. What is Ginny's background anyway? I know nothing about her other than her husband looks just like Corky St. Claire in Waiting for Guffman:


    Can anyone tell me more about this crazy woman?

  11. no dan from safe(christian)libraries, she didn't change it because she made herself unclear to others about what she meant. she changed it because you didn't like it. she changed because she fears you like her almighty lord and knows that you're the only half intelligent person involved in her battle. she changed it because, like a 9 year old, you have to *tsk tsk* her every other day. she changed it because she let her true (read as prejudice and incompetent) colors show. she can go on clarifying and rewording and removing her ridiculous blog entries all she wants. she's not credible, her blog serves as an entertainment site for free-thinking, (all&any)people loving, enlightened, fully-evolved humans.

    Stephanie in WB

  12. Stephanie in WB,

    Thank you?

    Now where did I put the other half of my intelligence....

    You know what? I think it would be fun to get everyone together on all sides of this matter and have a nice party together. I bet we'd all have a good time.

    Here's the menu:

    Cheese: Intellectual Briedom
    Wine: Fat Bastard
    Crackers: Crisp Amendment
    Game: Pin the Tail on the Baby Be-Bop
    Party Favor: It's So Amaziarka, by Robie Harris

    The music will be provided by a local band: West Bend Civil Liberties Union for Unsafe Libraries Denying Intellectual Freedom of Children to Read Porn in West Band, aka, WBCLU4ULDIFoCtRPiWB.

    If you can't attend, just Deal With It!

    (Did I pack enough jokes in that?)

  13. There were jokes in there?????

    Stephanie in WB