Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ginny, Enough Already

In her attempt to get pro-gay themed books (oops, I mean, sexually explicit books) removed from the young adult section of the library, she's brought increasingly negative attention to West Bend, culminating in calls for book burnings and ridicule across the Internet. In the process, she's defamed numerous citizens, and cost the taxpayers who knows how much.

Lately, Ginny has been spreading her hatred and intolerance to an even broader array of targets.

Maria Hanrahan puts it best: enough is enough:
Ginny Maziarka does not speak for West Bend, WI. She claims to represent the majority of the community, but offers nothing to substantiate this. Its time for the citizens of this community to speak out and end her bullying of other citizens and acting in other ways that tarnish our community's reputation. I'm not saying she does not have the right to speak her opinion and take action to make changes she believes are necessary in the community. However, we don't have to remain silent (thereby indicating acquiescence) about her rantings about our fellow citizens and our community.


  1. Why does she put so much energy into this?

  2. Yeah, I guess I answered my own question last week when I wrote this:

    "That's really her problem then, isn't it. Fear of sex. She (and people like her) are so afraid of everything. Why is she afraid of homosexuals? People who spend their lives living in their own white, suburban world love dealing with issues in the abstract. She can hate gays because she doesn't know any or have to interact with any. I guarantee if she spent a week with me in Brooklyn she would realize her fear is just silly. Gays aren't trying to sodomize your kids. Blacks don't want to kill you. Jews don't run everything and steal your money. There is no "culture war" and there were no "good old days"."

    It still just blows my mind tho.

  3. Sleepless,
    I noticed that the reference for the new WBCFSL website is gone from the wissup blog. Any clues?

  4. Interesting. The site is still live here:

    But hasn't been updated in a while...