Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ginny Maziarka's Crusade Against Homosexuality Continues

Since there seems to be less and less for Ginny Maziarka to harp on regarding the library (who knows what kind of desperate witch hunt she's on regarding Tyree's expenses), her campaign against homosexuality has been taking over on WISSUP.

Her latest propaganda is one of those moronic videos by Tim Hawkins complaining about government taxes and expenditures. Whatevs.

But in another brilliant example of Ginny's undecipherable and misleading tag spamming, she's labeled her post with "TraditionalValuesCoaltion", referring to these folks, a "Christian Right" group known for various forms of intolerance, especially regarding homosexuality.

Just a quick glance at their "Homosexual Urban Legends" and sorry attempts to link the gay movement with pedophilia reveals their not-so-hidden homophobia and bigotry.

At least Ginny is consistent with her getting into bed with intolerant assholes.


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