Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Common Sense Citizens of Ginny's World

Ginny Maziarka has drawn attention to the new "grassroots" movement called "Common Sense Citizens of Washington County". Maybe this will be what she changes the name of her vendetta to; who knows, who cares.

But this is an amusing group.

First, their website, while literally just created yesterday, looks like it was designed in 1996. Love the pixelated graphics, off-center design, broken menu links, etc. C'mon, folks, even Ginny figured out how to use Google Sites to create a halfway decent looking web presence.

Then there's the male-centric focus of this group. Look at the officers: all men (and most with the name "Mike"). I'm sure they'll be thrilled with Ginny'

Lastly, I wonder how they're react to Ginny's decidedly anti-liberty focus. The group holds "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" as one of its core values, yet Ginny's vendetta are most certainly in opposition to that. It is only through the enjoyment of liberty and the pursuit of happiness can someone be free to embrace their sexual identity, seek out love, raise their children without interference, and so on.

Common Sense Citizens might want to think twice before adding Ginny to the mix.....unless they really need a webmaster (and can stomach some ALL CAPS and red text.)

// BTW, I wonder how "grass roots" this group really is, seeing that West Bend's representative, Steve Hutchins, sits on the city council. And since once of the goals of the group is to help "conservative individuals obtain and maintain political offices through fund raising and campaign assistance", I certainly hope Mr. Hutchins won't be abusing his power as an elected official to offer "campaign assistance" to others in the group.


  1. "C'mon, folks, even Ginny figured out how to use Google Sites to create a halfway decent looking web presence."

    That's being pretty generous! Her site is awful.

  2. Someone might want to let them know that one page should be "PROspective members," not "PERspective members."

    Then again, perspective seems to be a little lacking with this group.

  3. This is more than amusing! I think my favorite parts are 1) The strong Kewaskum and Farmington participation, 2) Their #1 core value is the US Constitution (?!?! Let's take a look-see at that thing, again), and the piece de resistance "To educate, and become more educated..."
    Show the rest of us uneducated and unread farmers what you got, Common Sense Citizens!

  4. Common Sense Citizens of Washington County Manifesto (rough draft)

    We shall engage in monologue, not dialog.

    Prosperity is measured only in dollar and cents.

    Members must own several guns of various calibers, and answer their doors only when carrying a gun.

    All who disagree with our ideas and practices are liberals, marxists, communists, democrats, public sector workers (excluding police), terrorists, atheists, and union members.

    All taxes are evil, unless they support police, judicial systems, prisons, military, and business (with the exception of education).

    All liberal media is evil. All negative news about conservatives is liberal media "hogwash".

    Baby Jesus speaks through Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, etc.

    Subsidies and tax breaks given to businesses are not welfare and contribute to free trade, capitalism, innovation, and fairness.

    All outside parties' involvement in community affairs is evil big government (unless it supports business and our Manifesto).

    Problems will be solved by packing heat, cutting taxes, privatizing Medicare/social security/public education and parks, blaming democrats, whitewashing history, cherry picking arguments, playing on people's fears, attacking people's characters, quoting Bible passages, blogging half truths, filing public records requests, playing the victim, and never working together with opposing parties.

    Majority = one thousand signatures.

    The ability to author one snappy, 2-3 sentence blog sound bite is equivalent to a college degree or 5 years of career experience.

    Citizens and business owners who disagree or question our sacred practices and demands will be called out through blogs and emailed editorials for "thumbing their noses" at our righteous cause; we will also pray for them.

    Common Sense Citizens of Washington County will create an environment that discourages diversity; dedicated and respectful, well-prepared for logical debates; openness to new ideas; and putting aside differences to negotiate mutually agreed to community building decisions.

    As a result, Washington County will be a growing, progressive haven businesses will want to move to and where parents will want to raise their kids.