Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ginny Maziarka Verbally Rapes Us All

Like I said, it wouldn't take Ginny long to climb back up onto that "the library is run by porn-peddlers and the pinko-ALA" high-horse, attacking anyone with anything she can.

Continuing her idiotic criticism of Director Tyree's presence at an ACLU of Wisconsin event celebrating Banned Books Week, Ginny has posted a secondhand account of, and reaction to, one of Tyree's remarks.

According to Maria Hanrahan, Tyree noted how Terry Vrana made an idiot statement after one of the city council meetings, comparing the library to a porn shop. Apparently, Tyree quipped at tonight's event, referring to the fact that Vrana doesn't have a library card, that "he may be familiar with porn shops, but he's not familiar with the library."

An attempt at humor; perhaps it worked, perhaps it didn't. I wasn't in the room.

And neither was Ginny. Yet, that didn't keep her from asserting that such a statement not only slanders Vrana (which it doesn't), but that by saying such a thing, Tyree has "verbally rape[d]" the citizens of West Bend.



  1. Someone needs to tally up how much Ginny has cost the city with all this nonsense and keep a running total. Now that we know how much the library staff makes (as well as the city council & school board) this shouldn't be too hard to estimate. I believe in sharing.

  2. I look forward to reading the whole presentation. Will it be out on video or audio?

    I share DanBack's curiosity about the costs to the public she's run up so far. ORRs, public meetings, library staff time, etc.

    All of which will pale in comparison with the costs of law suits she might or might not yet provoke.

  3. The only people that were allowed to record this event were the organizers of the event, the ACLU of Madison. A young man was there to represent VCY radio/TV and had a video camera ready, but he was told only ACLU reps were allowed to record the event. Ginny was not at the event; I assume she received her information from the VCY guy.

    Ginny needs an English lesson. Verbal rape? Was anyone forced to attend the event and listen to the discussion of what happened in West Bend? Of course not. Did anyone speak poorly of the citizens of West Bend? Of course not.

    Tyree's comment came in relation to a discussion of the newer library board appointees and how he had looked into whether candidates had library cards. The implication is that people that don't use the library or understand how the public library works may not be the best candidates for a library trustee.

    Alderman Vrana publicly compared the library to a porn shop. One would assume he has some knowledge of both places in order to compare them or judge them as similar. Tyree's comment was he "MAY (questioning) be familiar with porn shops, but he's not familiar with the library." It was not a statement of fact, as Ginny would like you to believe, but of course, she's all for taking things out of context.

    Vrana was asked by citizens whether or not he used the library/had a library card following the Common Council meetings in which the library board members were denied reappointment, and he provided the info that he did not have a library card.

  4. Thank you, Maria. That ties up ALL of the loose ends implied by Ms. M.

  5. I would like to verify Maria's statement above. That is EXACTLY what was said. We were invited to attend this fundraiser to acquaint the Madison ACLU with the book challenge scenario here in West Bend.

    At one point, the young man from WVCY asked a very good question: To what extent did the ALA, WLA and such organizations assist the WBCML with the challenge. It was pointed out that such organizations are professional resources and that the bottom line for the West Bend challenge was that the library staff and board members were obligated to follow the procedures for book challenges via the form provided to those who took issue with some of the young adult titles.

    This blog and others such as Censorship-Free Libraries are absolutely vital as a means to disseminating untainted facts. Thank you for the work which you do. It takes time away from your other obligations in life, but I can assure you that it is time well-spent.

  6. Just so I have this straight:

    Verana saying in a public meeting on record that Tyree runs a "porn shop" isn't slander.

    Tyree saying to 20 other people in a private setting that Verana "may be familiar with porn shops, but he's not familiar with the library." is not only slander, but "verbal rape" (whatever that is)?

    Ginny (and I quote Barney Frank) on what planet do you spend most of your time? What Tyree allegedly said wouldn't constitute slander WERE it said in public - and it wasn't even said in public. I understand you are pissed that you lost the library battle, but is this REALLY the road you want to go down?

  7. Boots and Sabers has a threat on this, and I just left this commentary that I'll share here as well:

    Fact of the matter, folks, is that if Mr. Vrana compared the library to a porn shop, then me must be at least somewhat familiar with what a porn shop is in order to make such a comparison.

    Thus, Tyree's comment that he may know what a porn shop is like is completely logical and valid.

    No? How is this slanderous, let alone "verbal rape"???

  8. Taken in the context of Vrana's original statement, Tyree's remarks are not slanderous in the least. It is only Ms. M's out-of-context reading that could make Tyree's remarks sound more defamatory than they are. Ms. M's remarks, on the other hand . . .

  9. Praise Allah that our Tyree and our library board did not cave into to Ginny, et al, like the Kewaskum public library administrator did (without even discussion with library board or an actual filed library challenge). He caved faster than a German librarian during the rise of the Nazis or a Russian librarian during the rise of the Communists.

    That's not a well-thought out response to community concerns. It's a chicken shit response to what I'll bet was a threat of job termination.

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