Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ginny Maziarka Equates Obama to Hitler (Yawn)

I think the bandwagon is leaning a little more to the right tonight, because Ginny is fully on board.

Her latest propaganda at WISSUP notes that the WB schools won't be showing the President's address to students next week. Whatevs.

But, in yet another beautiful example of Ginny's undecipherable and misleading tag spamming, she's labeled her post with the tag "Hitler".

So, let's ignore the fact that it's perfectly normal for a President to want to speak to school children. Hell, Bush-41 and Reagan both did it. And we can ignore the fact that the conservative propaganda that the President will talk about his health care plans and other items from his "socialist agenda" have been proven to be "pants-on-fire" lies. And we can ignore the fact the same people who think Obama is a socialist are equally misguided in thinking that Hitler was one (he instituted totalitariansim, and the closest the Nazi's under his leadership got to socialism was to guarantee social welfare for all Aryans, and Aryans alone).

What truly amazes me about Ginny's use of the "Hitler" tag is that she's finally figured out how to insert a comma between multiple tags. You go, girl!


  1. 90210, comma, dewdrop, Godzilla, jazz, Neil Diamond

    You made my day.

  2. From Ginny's comments"

    Local_MLIS_Student said...
    Can you please explain the "Hitler" tag?

    West Bend Citizen Advocate said...
    MLIS: Please see Part 2 of this post. Really, though, I don't have to "explain tags." Good grief.

    Has Ginny EVER explained anything in her entire life?

  3. Dan - she hasn't ever explained anything because she CAN'T! She doesn't have the intellect to be able to talk her way out of a wet paper bag. Typical of her ilk.

  4. Yeah, I understand that but it still amazes me.

    As annoying as Ginny is, every time she opens her mouth she just makes it more and more obvious to more and more people how much of a nut she is. She is a failure too, has she accomplished any of he goals other than trying to make herself feel important?

  5. Even Belling (Yes, I do listen to him from time to time, he is entertaining if nothing else) yesterday said he has no problem with Obama talking to school kids.

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