Friday, September 11, 2009

Ginny Maziarka's Statements on Homosexuality

Ginny Maziarka has make some startling statements about homosexuality, reeking of ignorance and intolerance. This list is a work in progress - please send me links to other comments.


  1. Thank you for indexing that so neatly. I see I have a couple of excerpts from WISSUP to make sure are pointed out among the links on

  2. As I've said before - if Ginny really believes there is porn in the library why doesn't call the Police? It's illegal to distribute it to minors and it would be the fastest way to deal with the problem if her goal truly were to "protect the children".

    Get a clue Ginny. The world doesn't revolve around you.

    Nice work on documenting all this. Let's organize a city-wide mailing detailing what a kook Ginny is whenever it is she finally gets something on a ballot. I'll donate the first $200 to the cause. Most people who support her don't really know that much about her - they just fell for the "protect the children" line.

    Are there any members of WBC4SL other than her?

  3. Stumbled across this while surfing, you losers really have too much time on your hands. Putz.