Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why [Ginny Maziarka] is Stupid

Today, Ginna Maziarka re-posts some college kid's rant against his/her philosophy class. Of course, she tags it with references to Mark Peterson, an apparent criticism of the local philosophy prof.

My question is: why did Ginny suddenly decide to re-post something completely off topic and originally published on a random (and abandoned) blog in 2004?

Here's my guess:

Perhaps Ginny saw Mark's recent post about her (which also mentioned this lovely merchandise for sale). The post isn't hateful or defamatory. Still, Ginny got pissed, and decided to strike back against our local philosopher, thinking to herself, "philosophy is stupid!"

But, of course, Ginny isn't really capable of writing her own blog post explaining why philosophy is stupid, so, she Googled it.

The first result is from Jaköbishe Rants. But with its Euro-sounding name and mentions of feminism and "queerth" in the description, I'm sure she quickly clicked the left arrow on her browser to return to the search results.

The second result? Yep, our 2004 post from The Vented Truth.

I just wonder if Ginny read the comments; such foul language! Cuz, you know, if you link to something, then you're endorsing/sponsoring/responsible for its content.

Ginny, please correct me if I'm wrong. Otherwise, you're just being stupid.


  1. I showed the Mark philosophy is a stupid doody head post to my husband. We both marveled at the level of immaturity that a grown woman/mother/grandmother/supposed community leader/Christian is able to possess and display in bright red type. I'm sure that Mark is sitting on his couch, wrapped up in his blankie, crying over this post :)

    BTW...if Ginny considers that idiotic rant the work of a 4.0 student what sort of standards does she have for her own homeschooled children? She gives the rest of us homeschoolers a bad name.

  2. I forgot to add something. I love that one of the comments on The Vented Truth post was made by "socrate's taint". Maybe Ginny doesn't know what that means. She did leave a very enthusiastic thank you comment right after Mr. Taint.

  3. A comment left on deaf ears, since the blog's last post was in 2005. GO GINNY!!

  4. DOes anyone know if Ginny herself went to college? Sure doesn't seem so.

  5. Mark's reply shows the mark of a true gentlemen.

    Ginny is getting lazy; her "community work" was already sloppy.

  6. We are really witnessing the meltdown of Ginny aren't we? Sad.