Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ginny Maziarka Continues her Obama=Hitler Rant

This is really getting ridiculous.

Ginny Maziarka continues to insist that Obama=Hitler, despite any rational attempt to persuade her otherwise.

In today's post, a continuation of her diatribe against the President speaking to school children about -- GASP -- staying in school, each time the name "Obama" appears in her tired rant, she links to various Hitler Youth websites: the Wikipedia article, a random amateur history site, and HistoryPlace.com.

She tops it off with her oh-so-clever phrasing "Hitl...er, Obama's part", reminiscent of her childish re-naming of Maria Hanrahan's organization, the West Bend Parents For Free Speech, as West Bend Parents for Free Sex, um, I mean Free Speech (ooops, sorry 'bout that).

The ignorance of her rhetoric -- and her utter lack of understanding of history -- is astounding.

Citizens of West Bend: please think long and hard about whether you want such an individual to lead any movement meant to "protect" children or otherwise guide your child's education.


  1. Like I said before, the best weapon we have against Ginny is her own mouth. The more she talks, the more obvious it is that she is crazy.

  2. I replied to Ginny's post on the speech with the dates and subject of Reagan's address to kids- the one where he spoke about taxes mind you- she refused to post it. I also responded to the video she called propoganda- anyone remember Bush 1's " points of light?" Same deal that Obama is asking for. Do something to serve your country and make it better. Any proof offered that she or her minions are wrong is called trolling, or just ignored. Honest questions are responded to with threats about being kicked off the sight. Wissup has become a joke.

  3. Ok- so much for proof reading- that should say "propaganda" and "site."

  4. West Bend School District has set a precedent: In the future, will it not allow any more live video feeds from any president under any circumstances?
    Censorship. All or none.