Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is WBCFSL Fading Away?

As Ginny Maziarka's WISSUP blog continues to shift its focus to the daily FoxNews bullet points, and it's become clear that Ginny rarely follows up with what she's started, I've been wondering about how much further she can go with her open record requests and desire to rid the library of gay-affirming texts and anything that has a drawing of a penis in it.

Well, it seems that her "West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries" (sic) organization might finally be fading into the distance. She hasn't updated the WBCFSL website in ages, hasn't released the promised timeline, and now the mentions of WBCFSL (and its email address) have been removed from the prominent positioning on her flagship WISSUP blog (replaced by links to ParentalRights.org and the Eagle Forum of Wisconsin).

Perhaps Ginny read today's paper and finally realized that she's lost the library battle. But, when we're dealing with Ginny, there's one thing for certain: she won't let us down!


  1. I noticed the link from WISSUP to WBCFSL was removed more than a week ago, and wondered then whether it was an error or intentional. It seems the WBCFSL website is falling into disuse, and one can hope that is a trend. But even though the WISSUP blog seems to have shifted to general right-wing raving, she still prods the library issue there from time to time. She certainly seems to want to continue to bully and abuse the library, burdening them with ORRs, publishing her random unearthings for no discernable reason, and continuing to hurl insults about their ethics and professionalism.

    She may have found a permanent niche: eternal gadfly. She won't ever change anything, but she'll always be a nuisance.

    My quick look over the Wisconsin ORR laws suggests they strongly favor the citizen's right to demand information from all levels of government, and provide no means for denying her anything. Someday, she might accidently cross the line into libel, but that's not easy to do where government and public officials are concerned.

    I think the possibilities for getting her noise about the library to stop are that she might just get bored with it, or that state and national media attention eventually shames and ridicules her into silence. Other than that, she is and will be incouragible.


  2. How will my children be safe if WBCFSL stops their work?

  3. Agreed, Jim. She removed the link to the WBCFSL website, but her gmail address had remained until very recently.

  4. The Parental Rights and Eagle Forum links only go to the image files, not the websites themselves. GINNY_FAIL.