Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kevin Scheunemann Shares More of his Delightful Insights

Remember Kevin Scheunemann, the Libertarian (but not really Libertarian) Kewaskum Trustee and International Dairy Queen Drive-thru Champion who believes an "intolerant gay lobby" has been involved in the counter-movement to Ginny Maziarka's true anti-gay intolerance?

Well, heeeeeee's baaaaack!

Apparently he sent Ginny this message, which she's pasted to her blog, trying to compare Kewaskum's quick response to his request for a copy of an open records request, to how West Bend dealt with an actual open records request.

Seems that photocopying an existing file happens faster than library board members trying to decide if their personal email accounts are subject to open records laws. Hmmm...maybe apples and oranges are the same thing inside a DQ.

Anyway, Scheunemann can take his self-righteous "Kewaskum will always be better than West Bend" attitude and dip it in some chocolate for all I care. His opinion is more irrelevant than a DQ in December.


  1. I think the WBC4SL (has that now been replaced with CSCWC?) would prefer the West Bend library to be more like the one in Kewaskum: about 1/5 the size. So much less to try to control.

  2. Love the last paragraph - nice dose of wit and humor!!!


    Black or Hispanic who is interested only in white men as sexual partners, especially blondes or pale-skinned men."

    Gay Slang Dictionary

  4. Kevin scheunemann is an idiot. And his dairy queens are the worst